Interesting Photo of the Day: Sun-Kissed Iceland Landscape

Iceland truly has so much to offer. You might agree more if you’re an avid traveler, a landscape photographer, or a hiker. The versatile and mesmerizing landscape of the beautiful country is something that you can’t get enough of. And we’re not just talking about the mountains and waterfalls in the area. Even the rivers and the hills are gems to be explored. Photographer Christian Scheiffele hiked for 14kms through the mountains and the riverbed and finally took the following image at the end of his hike:

“Glaciar River and Sun Kissed Landscape in Iceland” by Christian Scheiffele (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

Considering that the river in the foreground has changed course multiple times over the years, it has made up for an erratic yet interesting foreground. It leads all the way up to the mountain that’s kissed by the golden morning light. Also, the fusion of beautiful colors in the landscape makes the entire scene appear picturesque. So beautiful that one could even confuse it for a painting.

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