Interesting Photo of the Day: Stunning Icelandic Landscape

Photographer Tim Kemple was in Iceland on an eight day long trek, during which the rugged landscape, majestic mountains, volcanic activity, and the Northern Lights all came together. On the eight day of the trip, he managed to capture this stunning long exposure of an ice climber inside an iceberg against the awe-inspiring aurora-lit Icelandic night:

iceland iceberg

“Exploring Iceland” by Tim Kemple. (Via Imgur. Click image to see full size.)

Explaining to his fans on his Instagram account, the photographer gave away intricate details how he usually approaches photographing such a shot. These are long exposures between 1–4 seconds, so a tripod is essential for holding the camera still. He first tests the ambient light and sets up the exposure based on the background. He prefers the background to be a touch darker than the subject. Next, he introduces the subject and sets the right amount of power on the headlamp so that they are not completely washed out when compared with the darker background.

The resulting images are worth the extra effort.

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