Interesting Photo of the Day: Star Trails & Traffic Streaks

Although we don’t feel it, our planet is moving around continuously at great pace. And thanks to long exposure photography, we can record some amazing after effects of the planet’s movement. One of such effects is the formation of star trails. Photographer Marcin Zajac took the following long exposure over the Bixby Creek Bridge in California and it’s nothing short of spectacular:

star trails Bixby bridge

“In Motion” by Marcin Zajac (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

The image is actually a composite of multiple images that Zajac took over a period of 3.5 hours. He achieved the star trails by blending a total of forty exposures, each of which was a 5-minute exposure. And for the car light trails on the highway, he used a relatively short exposure time. He then blended all the images together in Photoshop using the ‘Lighten’ blending mode.

There is no doubt that the image is technically brilliant. On top of that, credit has to be given to the photographer for the gorgeous composition. The way he has composed the image is really amazing. Amazing in the sense that he has captured the light trails of two bodies: one that’s on earth, and the other that’s beyond our solar system, in a single frame. This is really an amazing concept and a beautiful execution by the photographer.

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