Interesting Photo of the Day: SpaceX’s First Reused Rocket Launch

Thanks to the internet and the incredible interest in space exploration, an image of a rocket lifting off a launch pad is nothing extraordinary. And yet this image is here; it’s SpaceX’s first reused rocket launch. This makes future low cost space missions a serious possibility, which is kind of a big deal:

photographer captures the first reusable rocket launch

Falcon 9 Lift Off by Tim Dodd (Via Imgur. Click image to see full size.)

“I set a camera 1,000 feet away from SpaceX’s first reused rocket and it captured this beautiful shot.”

The image was made using a Canon 50D paired with a 40mm Canon pancake lens. Tim Dodd, the photographer, was there as a member of the press.

Dodd is a professional photographer based out of Cedar Falls, Iowa. Though a professional wedding photographer all his life, he got hooked on to space exploration when he successfully bid for a used Russian cosmonaut’s flight suit in 2013. He later started a space outreach and science communications series on Instagram known as Everyday Astronaut. It has since grown in leaps and bounds.

This image is not just another photo depicting a rocket reaching for space. It depicts hope that one day space flight will become as commonplace as driving to work.

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