Interesting Photo of the Day: SpaceX Zuma Launch and Landing on Film SLR

Photographers all around the world have been traveling to the launch sites to capture history in the making. Michael Seeley is no exception. A skilled photographer and space enthusiast, who is also the co-founder of We Report Space, Seeley was on-site to capture the Spacex Zuma launch and landing on film, which produced this incredible single image:

rocket launch film image

SpaceX Zuma launch & landing captured on film by Michael Seeley (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

SpaceX recently launched and landed a 1st stage, and Seeley was there with three different cameras to take a few shots. He used his Canon 7D2 and Canon 5D4, but the most spectacular results were from a 40-year-old SLR. Seeley used his father’s Canon A1 with a Canon FD 24mm lens and, with the help of the Fuji Velvia 50 transparency film, managed to seize 8.1 minutes of long exposure at a considerably low ISO. Regardless of being dated by four decades, the A1 model still manages to impress after being processed and scanned.

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