Interesting Photo of the Day: Soap Bubbles Under a Microscope

There are images that have been overly edited. Then, there are images that appear to be built from the ground up using software. This particular image of soap bubbles seems like it comes out of a cartoon or graphic novel with its radiant colors and tie-dye patterns. The kaleidoscope of colors between the bubbles appears planned and uniform, adding ingenuity to this image because there’s not much you can do to ‘stage’ a slide full of bubbles. Their alignment gives the appearance that when more bubbles are added, they will bounce off each other like bumper cars. Even if you don’t care much about science or haven’t looked at something under a microscope lens in years, this is still fascinating photography:

magnification zoom lens subject

“Soap Bubbles Beneath a Microscope” by Proteon (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

Proteon submitted this image of soap bubbles underneath a microscope lens. The stunning visuals show the vivid swatches of color that flow freely throughout each bubble. In a way, they resemble colorful amoeba with their illusion of a single cell. There are no specifications on the microscope or its lens that were used to magnify this image, but after seeing this, it seems like a highly interesting subject to capture!

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