Interesting Photo of the Day: Shall We Dance (With a Bear)?

The following image is —incredibly—not computerized in any way. That is to say, the bear, at least, is as real as the girl. The whole thing is a remarkably deft photo shoot showing the delicate and beautiful potential harmony between humanity and nature:


The bear was placated by intermittent feeding on-set. (Via Imgur. Click for larger image.)

This fairytale image is one of a whole portfolio created by Russian photographer Katerina Plotnikova, who shoots with a Canon 5D Mark II. On her site, you can find many more soft-focus portraits of redheads hugging animals of all kinds: deer, chipmunks, owls, moose, raccoons and even, somehow, an elephant. Between shots, the bear’s trainer fed the bear to make sure it, you know, didn’t maul and devour everyone onset.

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