Interesting Photo of the Day: Self Portrait Moment

There are some moments in life that last only a second, and occasionally such a moment is captured by someone with a camera. This moment shows a girl taking a photo of herself with her phone amongst a crowd of people at a concert. What makes this image so interesting is that everyone else in the photo is almost too dark to see, but the girl is perfectly exposed and right in the center of the frame. It’s just perfect enough to look like it was planned, and yet it was just a lucky shot in the dark (not retouched in any way):

self portrait at concert

Self-portrait Moment Captured (Click to See Full Size)

The photo was posted on social media sites on January 10th and has since created much discussion over society’s obsession with phones, Facebook, and one’s self. As a commenter points out, “It’s kind of artistic in a way. She’s the center of the photo, and the center of her own world.”

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One response to “Interesting Photo of the Day: Self Portrait Moment”

  1. Rebecca says:

    Wow! What an cool shot! How sad that our society is like that- more focused on themselves than anyone else! “Center of her world” is very appropriate.

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