Interesting Photo of the Day: Sea Cows of Florida

Florida manatees, which grow to lengths of 10 to 12 feet and weights of 1,500 pounds or more, are a rare breed. It’s estimated that there are only about 5,000 of these slow-moving, gentle giants in existence. Because of the decline in the manatee’s population, it’s not likely that future generations will get a chance to see many of these creatures in the wild. But this shot captured this group of sea cows up close as they swam near the surface:

florida sea cows

Sea Cows of Florida (Via Imgur, Click for Full Size)

The ability to take once-in-a-lifetime underwater photos such as this one make it worth it to purchase a waterproof camera. A photo from above the water wouldn’t have quite the same impact.

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One response to “Interesting Photo of the Day: Sea Cows of Florida”

  1. xlphotog says:

    You are aware that it is forbidden to touch, swim, or dive in close proximity to a “Sea Cow”, right?
    This is just plkain stupidity. Take this down!!

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