Interesting Photo of the Day: Rolling Fog at Mount Tamalpais

Fog is tricky. There are extreme variations of opinions on fog depending on how and where you come across it. For instance, if a dense layer of fog covers up the beauty of your location, you might not like it. Visibility gets impacted, and many people even feel suffocated. However, if you get to observe fog rolling up on a distant landscape, you might wish that it would stay that way forever. The latter can be a truly magical sight to witness. Quite luckily, photographer Kyle Meshna captured beautiful waves of rolling fog at Mount Tamalpais, and it appears divine:

rolling fog at Mount Tam

“Rolling Fog at Mount Tam” by Kyle Meshna (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

The image is a 25-second long exposure that Meshna took on a Sony A7RIII with the Sony 100-400mm GM lens at 256mm, f/10, and ISO 64. To achieve the long exposure he used a PolarPro ND1000, which is a 10-stop neutral density filter.

It’s fantastic how Meshna has captured such perfect looking waves. It’s so good that it almost appears unreal. Thanks to the long exposure, there’s a silky effect to the fog wave. The smoothness in turn has given a dreamy mood to the image. And since he shot the image during sunset, the golden light has added some vibrance to the already beautiful image.

Have you been lucky to witness such a beautiful moment? How was your experience?

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