Interesting Photo of the Day: Rainy Morning in Yosemite

Rainy days can really be a blessing in disguise for photography. The gloomy sky with the grey clouds can help uplift an image by adding a moody feel to it. So it makes perfect sense to head out sometimes during such “unfavorable” lighting and try your hand at landscape photography. Photographer Casey Horner faced a bit of a rainy day challenge when he was in Yosemite. But he didn’t give up, tried a different perspective, and came up with this brilliant work of art:

rainy yosemite landscape photo

“Rainy Morning in Yosemite” by Casey Horner (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

Horner took the image with his Sony A7III and Tamron 28-75mm lens at 30mm, 1/1000s, and ISO 400.

The dark clouds over the mountains and the low hanging clouds over the forest help in adding atmosphere. What’s also brilliant is the way the white snow contrasts with the dark mountain in the foreground. And the fall in the middle is the perfect icing on the cake. Just brilliant.

It’s also interesting to see how the yellow on the meadow perfectly complements the overall blue tone of the image. That’s a really thoughtful composition and edit by the photographer.

This isn’t an image of Yosemite that you get to see on a regular basis. Horner has done an excellent job with his experiment.

“I shoot there a lot. So, I try to get different compositions when I can.”

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