Interesting Photo of the Day: Concerned Puffin Eating a Mouthful of Sand Eels

It’s that time of year for many us when we start to break free of cabin fever and go outdoors to photograph our local wildlife. While most of us won’t find puffins congregating near our homes, the picture below can still serve as a bit of inspiration. The bird is an Atlantic Puffin and the colorful beak you see is, sadly, only temporary. Male Atlantic puffins use the bright beak as means of attracting a mate, but will actually shed the beak once mating season has commenced:

The puffin sheds his colorful beak during non-mating seasons (imgur)

The puffin is able to hold so many fish in it’s mouth at one time because it’s tongue has a serrated edge that serves as a gripping tool. Knowing a little background information on birds, such as what season they are at their most colorful, is an essential tool to bird photographers.

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One response to “Interesting Photo of the Day: Concerned Puffin Eating a Mouthful of Sand Eels”

  1. Jim Walker says:

    Nice photo of the Puffin, however, the title is not correct. The Puffin is not eating a mouthful of sand eels. They are taking them to the young that are in burrows. The Puffins will capture and deliver the Sand Eels, herrings, or other small fish, to the young until they fledge and can be taught to capture their own food.

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