Interesting Photo of the Day: Possibly the World’s First Image of Ocean Wave Over Lava

It’s always interesting to see the “World’s First” of something, and today people have been saying this is the world’s first photo of an ocean wave over lava captured from within the tube. That right, lava! I believe looking at this photograph reminds us of two things: First, that nature is amazing, and second, photographers are crazy. The photographer, CJ Kale, braved 110 degree waters and magma to get this shot:

ocean wave over lava

First Shot of Ocean Wave Over Magma (imgur)

Crazy or not, you have to give the photographer credit for being able to capture such an amazing image. Trying to capture a normal shot of a wave like this is no easy task, so I imagine that doing it in hot water while surrounded by lava would not make it an easier.

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3 responses to “Interesting Photo of the Day: Possibly the World’s First Image of Ocean Wave Over Lava”

  1. Arun says:

    This is amazing and a hell of a job!

  2. David Halver says:

    Whoa! And ALOHA! As one with Family & friends living on the Big Island (Hilo Side) and having seen literally 1000’s of shots of Kilauea lava pouring into the sea… This is one extraordinary shot! For those unfamiliar with Kilauea, it’s a (obviously quite active) volcano on the Big Island of Hawai since 1984i. And to get an idea of the danger involved in getting a shot like this, a few years ago I was visiting when two tragedies happened involving tourist photographers; both ignoring posted warning signs. One was a guy who walked past the barricades and walked out on a lava field; unaware that he was walking on the this crust above a Lava Tube (a fast-moving stream of molten lava). As his horrified friends watched, the surface broke and he fell into the molten lava and vanished! The other involved a group of people who wanted to get close to where the lava was pouring into the sea… and a wave of Boiling seawater splashed over them causing major 3rd degree (the worst) burns! So Mahalo CJ Kale! Congrats on an extraordinary (albeit risky!) photo! Aloha!

  3. Tiberman Sajiwan Ramyead says:

    From the the bottom of my heart, thank you C.J. Kale for providing such a shot to the whole world.

    Warm Regards from Mauritius
    Good Luck

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