Interesting Photo of the Day: Portrait in the Ocean

When you take a portrait of someone while they pose in the ocean water, you might expect their expression to be excited, lighthearted or possibly startled. Staying calm is a difficult task when you have waves constantly trying to sweep you off your feet. However, the following portrait that photographer Cory Vanderploeg took of his wife is something different. The level of calmness on her face gives an entirely different mood to the image:

portrait in the ocean

“Portrait in the Ocean” by Cory Vanderploeg (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

The expression on the subject is undoubtedly the most captivating factor of this image. Her calmness is so soothing – almost divine. It’s as if she’s so comfortable in the ocean, she has no fear of its power. You might wonder if she’s a mystical queen of the grand ocean. Or a mermaid perhaps?

The limited color palette of the image beautifully complements the mood of the image. The subject has a beautiful contrast from her surroundings and stands out quite well. The wave right in front of her is just fantastic – as if it were made for her. This gives the illusion that she’s wearing the ocean as her dress. And the symmetrical nature of the incoming wave right behind her is another beautiful aspect of this image. It beautifully adds to the aesthetic of this brilliant work.

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