Interesting Photo of the Day: Pair of Aces

Patience is key in photography. Sometimes you need to wait for the action to happen and sometimes for the right light. You’d expect a posed studio shot to be over within a few minutes. But that was not the case with the following image by Peter Lindgren. As he explains, it took him over one and a half hours to get this shot right:

a pair of aces

“Pair of Aces” by Peter Lindgren (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

Lindgren took this image with a Sony A7RIII and Sony Zeiss 16–35mm lens at 16mm and f/5.

You can tell why the shot took him that long. Lindgren wanted to capture the exact moment when the cards left the hand with the pair of aces clearly visible. He could tape the cards or use some glue, but he wanted the image to feel original. While the cards in the air give an interesting look to the image, a hint of “dead man’s hand” at the bottom together with the gun, the bullets, whiskey, and the smoke add serious drama.

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