Interesting Photo of the Day: Oregon Couple Doesn’t Let a Wildfire Ruin Their Wedding

April Hartley’s and Michael Wolber’s wedding at Rock Springs Ranch near Bend, Oregon was anything but ordinary. As the ceremony was about to begin, the couple and their guests were told the venue must be evacuated due to a dangerous wildfire in the area. But that didn’t stop the love birds from enjoying their day.

married fire oregon

Married in front of fire (Via Josh Newton/Buzzfeed. Click image to see full size.)

Quick-thinking photographer Josh Newton captured this one-of-a-kind wedding portrait of the happy couple as the fire blazed behind them minutes before they fled:


A newlywed couple poses in front of a wildfire near Bend, Oregon. Captured with an iPhone 5S. (Via Josh Newton/Facebook. Click image to see full size.)

Luckily, firefighters permitted a rushed ceremony and some pretty memorable wedding photos before the evacuation. As the Two Bulls wildfire raged on, the party moved to an impromptu location well out of the way of the smoke and flames.

Everyone moved the entire wedding to a park in Bend, all with smiles and good attitudes. It showed everyone at the wedding what really mattered – the people and the couple. The location change didn’t affect the wedding at all, it was the most beautiful day. In planning my own wedding, it was an incredible reminder to really value and cherish the most important things in life.” — Josh Newton

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One response to “Interesting Photo of the Day: Oregon Couple Doesn’t Let a Wildfire Ruin Their Wedding”

  1. Provita Velazquez says:

    What a wonderfully memorable capture! I’m happy the couple were able to carry on with their wedding to a happy ending thanks to a quick thinking photographer and the help of family, friends and local fire department.

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