Interesting Photo of the Day: Oh, To Be a Cat

Cats have it pretty good — basking in the sun, taking catnaps, walking around like they own the world. Ancient Egyptians believed that cats were sacred and practiced a religion based around a cat-like goddess. And sometimes it seems like our feline friends are trying to convert us!

cat photography

“The World Is Beautiful” captured by Seiji Mamiya (via imgur, click for larger image.)

Today’s photo features a tabby cat having a good ‘ol time, enjoying a sunny day in a field of tall grass. Captured by photographer Seiji Mamiya, the sun-drenched photo is bathed in a soft yellow glow, giving a feeling of warmth and contentment. Whether you’re a “cat person” or not, doesn’t it make you wish you could be a cat, just for a day?

The shot was captured with a Canon EOS 5D Mark II and an EF70-200mm lens at 200mm, f/3.5.

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