Interesting Photo of the Day: Nicolai Mountain After Snowfall

Winter storms create a wonderful effect for a photograph because of the fresh snow and undisturbed ground. The snow clings to whatever it can, including branches, bushes, and tree trunks. The white and blue shown in this image mesh with the everlasting brownish black of the woods, creating a dreamlike shot. The way that this photographer framed this picture pushes the viewer’s eye inward toward the vanishing point between the set of trees past the foreground. It’s a wonderful effect further complemented by the shadowy foreground leading into the highlights of the background:

framing color vibrancy winter

“Nikolai Mountain at Dusk” by Anthony K (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

Anthony K photographed this image at Nicolai Mountain in Oregon after a snowfall. He used a Canon 6D camera with a 15 second exposure at ISO 100. His attention to lighting and color must have been a magical sight at the time and definitely worth the snowy trek to reach that location. The snow clumped on the tops and branches of the trees appears to block out most sunlight, so he was left with the reflective white snow for the lighting here. He used it to his benefit and ended up with an amazing image.

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