Interesting Photo of the Day: Neon Lights in Hong Kong

Neon lights have been a staple of Hong Kong’s nightscape for decades. While neon lights are primarily for grabbing the attention of passersby, for Hong Kong, they have something of an emotional attachment. Anyone who thinks of Hong Kong cannot help but think of the beauty those neon lights add to the island’s natural wonders and unique cityscape, especially at night. To get a taste of what we’re talking about, just look at the following image taken by photographer Sean Foley:

neon lights in Hong Kong

“Neon Lights and Hong Kong Vibes” by Sean Foley (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

Foley took the image at f/2.8, ISO 800 and 1/200 seconds. Thanks to the beautiful neon lights, he was able to capture the soothing ambiance of the street in a fantastic way.

The cool lights of the storefront are balanced by the warm tones atop the building. And the small strips of neon in the middle of the building add something unpredictable to an otherwise familiar noir scene. And then, of course, there’s the reflection of all the colors on the road that adds further interest to the image.

If you pay attention to the darker portion of the image on the left, you’ll spot some bamboo scaffolding on the street corner. If you’ve been to Hong Kong before, you can immediately feel the uniquely Hong Kong vibes this image it gives out.

Have you been to Hong Kong before? If yes, we’d love to know how you feel about the image.

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