Interesting Photo of the Day: Music in Darkness

Many photographers struggle with taking photos after dark. But for creative minds like that of photographer Nikolay Trebukhin, the same absence of light works as a blank canvas: a canvas where photographers can paint whatever they imagine. Using light painting technique is an awesome way of pushing individual creativity to the next level:

light painting

“Music Non-Stop” by Nikolay Trebukhin (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

Trebukhin shot the image with an Olympus OM-D E-M1 camera and the Panasonic H-F007014E Lumix G Vario 7-14mm f/4 ASPH lens at f/16 and ISO 100, using the live composite mode. Then, to light paint the circles and spirals, he used various LED flashlights. And in case you’re wondering how he light-painted the treble clef so perfectly—he used a stencil.

It’s beautiful how minimal the image is, yet it has a lively vibe. What’s really interesting is how he’s composed the image with a slight tilt. This really makes the image appear dynamic and adds to the funky vibe.

Have you ever tried giving this long-exposure light painting technique a shot? If you haven’t, you should really consider it. You might have a skillful artist hiding within you. Who knows?

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