Interesting Photo of the Day: Mount Shasta on a Clear Night

A highly detailed nighttime shot looks clean when it’s illuminated to show the foreground leading into the impressive backdrop. In this case, different exposures are required to capture the log and dirt while it’s brighter outside. Later on, another exposure or two can be photographed to display the darkening sky. Together, these multiple exposures merge together to form a very impressive image:

exposure nighttime foreground detail

“Mount Shasta on a Clear Night” by Victor Carreiro (Via Imgur. Click image to see full size.)

Photographer Victor Carreiro took this shot of Mount Shasta by shooting several exposures and stacking them in Photoshop. He had these instructions on his process for interested viewers:

  1. Make RAW adjustments and sync adjustments to other frames.
  2. Import into Photoshop.
  3. Align frames either by transforming by hand or using automation. (They will be slightly off because of the different focal points.)
  4. Mask in the sharp parts of each frame (either by hand or by using PS automation).

This helps to create the high detail starting in the foreground and moving all the way back to the starry sky and mountaintop. He used a Nikon D610 camera with a Tamron 15-30mm lens. His settings were f/4 for the sky, f/16 for the foreground and mountain, 13 second exposure, and ISO 100.

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