Interesting Photo of the Day: Mount Shasta at Night

Deep within the Shasta-Trinity National Forest of California resides a beautiful snow-capped mountain that helped name the forest. Mount Shasta is named after one of the Native American tribes, and the white mountain is the fifth highest peak in the state. What may look like a peaceful mountain at first is actually a volcano in disguise. A sight to see, for sure, it has become a stunning scene to shoot for many landscape photographers. This image by Victor Carreiro shows a cool, crisp Mount Shasta against a clear twilight sky:

mount shasta night sky

Mount Shasta by Victor Carreiro (Via Imgur. Click image to see full size.)

Such a beautiful background, totally worth the trek to find a foreground that could compliment it. A fallen, dead, withered tree serves as a guide, all the way to Mount Shasta and beyond to the stars! Sometimes when you search hard enough, your efforts are rewarded with incredible scenery like this.

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One response to “Interesting Photo of the Day: Mount Shasta at Night”

  1. Kevin Behmer says:

    Nice stick. What kind of stick is it? Nice fake moon. Cheesy ass awesomeness.

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