Interesting Photo of the Day: Mossy Grotto Falls

Have you ever seen mother nature in motion? This photo was taken a few hours after dawn in the Columbia River Gorge, Oregon by photographer Matt Meisenheimer. He set his camera to bulb mode and fixed the tripod where the current was mellow. Isn’t it amazing what the wireless shutter release remote can do? The long exposure gives the river a milky appearance, and the anti-glare takes care of any bright reflections, making sure the result isn’t over-saturated. Seriously, it looks like this!

columbia river gorge photo

Mossy Grotto Falls by Matt Meisenheimer (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

Camera & Settings

  • Nikon D800E
  • 14mm
  • f/16
  • 1 second
  • ISO 100

Truly a sight worth cherishing and a place worth visiting. It’s as if you can hear the river echoing as the greenery complements the rushing water and the distant waterfall.

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