Interesting Photo of the Day: Mists of Myanmar

Looking ethereal and otherworldly–more like a painting than a photograph–today’s featured photo shows the magic of early morning light. Captured during a sunrise hot air balloon ride over the ancient city of Bagan, Myanmar, the photo shows the first rays of sunlight piercing through the fog to stream through temple spires and palm fronds:

myanmar landscape

View from a hot air balloon in Bagan, Myanmar. Photo by Dima Chatrov (Via Imgur. Click for larger size).

When the photo, shot by Dima Chatrov, was featured as a National Geographic Photo of the Day, Chatrov described the experience of capturing the moment:

“The first sunbeam breaks through the haze on the east and colors the valley in golden tones. A few more seconds and thousands of light blades pierce the fog. It is so beautiful and unusual that it seems like you are no longer in the 21st century, but somewhere in the middle of the 19th, flying like the heroes of Jules Verne, to open the unknown …”

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