Interesting Photo of the Day: Man’s Friend Stares from the Grass

While hiking with his girlfriend in Galveston Island State Park, Texas, Reddit user Lacostic, took a snapshot of his chocolate lab, Murphy, using his iPhone. As well composed as the photograph is, one might assume the obedient lab was following commands from his owner; however, Murphy was actually just watching Lacostic’s girlfriend who was hiking through the waist tall grass herself. Lacostic was ready with his camera and was able to snap the image we see below:

Friend watching from the grass (Click to See Full Size, imgur)

“This is my almost 6 year old chocolate lab, Murphy. We took the pic at the Galveston Island State Park and he was actually staring at my girlfriend who was hiking through the tall grass.” –Lacostic

The photo was processed with the popular photo sharing app, Instagram. If you’d like to learn how to take more compelling pictures of your own pets, check out the series of tutorials right here on PictureCorrect: how to get animals to look at you for better pet portraits and how to create stunning portraits of your dog.

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