Interesting Photo of the Day: Man-made Patterns

If you thought the cookie-cutter housing model only existed in the U.S., think again. Below is a photo of a several houses in Tibet, or rather, one house repeated a hundred times. The landscape on which the houses sit provides a neat perspective from which to view them. It almost looks as if the houses are built on top of each other:

houses homes stacked hill tibet

Houses in Tibet (Via Imgur, click for larger size)

Speaking of houses built on top of each other, check out these homes in a village in Iran (photographed by Mohammadreza Momeni). One man’s roof is literally another man’s porch. It’s incredible how many man-made patterns you can find like this. People often talk about patterns in nature: circles, spirals, orbits, seasons, etc.

houses stacked iran village pattern

Houses stacked on a hill in Iran (Via Imgur, click for larger size)

But there are a lot of patterns used by man too: squares, rectangles, triangles, hexagons. It’s interesting when you compare the two. Nature seems to prefer circular type patterns, while man relies on rigid edges and corners.

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