Interesting Photo of the Day: Look Closely, Photographer at Work in Norway

A lot of times, landscape photography means waking up well before the sun does and going on a wilderness adventure in the pre-dawn darkness all in the name of getting the shot. Sometimes we don’t get any great photographs and it hardly seems worth it, but then we encounter a photo such as this one, below, and all the sudden we remember why we do all the troublesome things we do:

sunrise landscape photography

Via 35photo (Click for larger size)

The photograph was taken by Daniel Korzhonov, who has an expansive collection of photographs just as breathtaking as this one. Korzhonov took the photograph in Senja, Norway, a part of the world where the sun, depending on the time of year, shines well into the night hours. In fact, they have what is referred to as the “midnight sun.” The photo is actually of a sunset in Norway; however, since the sun doesn’t always set there, it is likely this image was taken around 1AM.

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2 responses to “Interesting Photo of the Day: Look Closely, Photographer at Work in Norway”

  1. Rod Klukas says:

    Photograph of photographer is quite nice, but scale seems off.
    Looking at landscape the photographer would normally be a lot smaller, in my opinion.
    But still a nice image.

  2. WISE1 says:

    looks like some nice pyrimids in norway nice photo!

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