Interesting Photo of the Day: Lightning Strikes the New World Trade Center

It’s been more than a decade, but a new World Trade Center has risen from the ashes at Ground Zero in New York. A recent spring storm christened the new tower with a blindingly bright flash of lightning. Thankfully, the spire at the top of the 104-story building did its job:

One World Trade Center struck by lightning

Lighting striking the One World Trade Center (via imgur; click for larger size)

Reportedly captured by a tourist from Alaska, the shot depicts the One World Trade Center (left of center in the picture) being struck by a jagged bolt of lightning. Following is a brief news clip giving a little more background on the photo:

The spire at the top of the tower had just been recently completed, the final piece being placed on May 10. Appropriately, the building reaches a height of 1,776 feet, commemorating the year of American independence.

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