Interesting Photo of the Day: Light Painting Portrait

Some days you come across images that are absolutely amazing just to find out that they were heavily Photoshopped. And then there are images like this one shot by photographer Zach Alan which is a single exposure:

light painting portrait

“Light Painting Portrait Made with Flashlights” by Zach Alan (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

Alan shot the image on a Sony A7RII with a Sigma 35mm Art lens using high powered flashlights and some gels. He made the image in a time span of 46 seconds in three steps:

  1. He placed a veil over the model’s head and lit her with a blue gelled flashlight.
  2. He then made an arcing motion behind her head with a pointy plexiglass light painting tool.
  3. Finally, he took the veil off and lit her face with a red gelled flashlight.

The end result is really amazing and justifies the effort of the photographer and the model. What do you have to say about the image?

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