Interesting Photo of the Day: LED Light Painting

You have a true artist on your hands when there is zero post production involved in a photograph. Janne Parviainen, a Finnish artist, creates astounding light painting photographs using various light sources and long exposure times. This piece is titled “Days of Our Lives”:

led light painting kitchen

“Days of Our Lives” captured by Janne Parviainen (Via Imgur. Click to see full size.)

A 24 minute exposure time allowed Parviainen to trace the entire room with an LED light, creating a topographic map of the space.

“The idea of the art form is not to use any post production to the photo at all, all photos should be straight from the camera.”

Parviainen is one of the most well-known light painting artists, with work being featured in National Geographic, Wired, and various news outlets. Apart from his topographic work, Parviainen creates glass paintings using oil, permanent marker, and metal leaves.

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