Interesting Photo of the Day: Killer Underwater Crocodile Shot

Imagine coming face to face with a crocodile in its natural habitat and then pulling out your camera to take its picture. That’s exactly what Mike Korostelev has set out to do in his career as an underwater photographer:

underwater perspective ocean

Crocodile Tail (Via Imgur. Click image to see full size.)

Originally from Moscow, Korostelev traveled to Banco Chinchorro, Mexico in order to fulfill his dream of photographing a crocodile in nature. He set up at a biosphere reserve and well-known breeding ground for crocodiles in the Caribbean Sea. When he took this photo, he described feeling as if there was only my underwater camera between the crocodile and him. Korostelev is also known for his breathtaking underwater shots of sharks, elephants, seals, and sea lions.

“We lived in a fisherman’s hut that stood right on the sea on stilts. During the day we searched for crocodiles, which swam out of mangroves to hunt fish. This one was quite friendly and showed its beauty all around.”

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