Interesting Photo of the Day: Kayaking Under the Stars

Photographer Garret Weintrob‘s work is nothing short of magnificent. On a still, quiet Wyoming night, he captured a moment capable of catapulting viewers into a surreal sea of stars. Gazing upon this landscape, there’s no debating the artist’s creative prowess. But the more pressing question for most photographers is how Weintrob managed to pull the shot off:

Garret Weintrob photography

“Kayaking Under the Stars” by Garret Weintrob (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

In short, it took a little bit of ingenuity to get this production off the ground.

To keep the boat (and water) still enough to register on his camera’s sensor, Weintrob lodged the backside of his kayak into the lake’s sand. Once the surroundings settled, he activated a remote trigger and kept his paddle steady for a full 30 seconds. Though he hardly moved an inch, the slanted oar created the impression of movement. In fact, most of what you see was caught in-camera rather than perfected in Photoshop.

Unlike many nightscapes, which are generally compositions stitched together in post, this image was made using a single exposure. Between the bright stars and a single strategically placed lantern, Weintrob gathered more than enough light to brilliantly illuminate the surroundings.

With all of the fancy tricks that editing software provides, it’s easy to become jaded. However, every so often photographers create sparks of magic.

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