Interesting Photo of the Day: Jute Twine Through a Needle

Even everyday things can appear quite unique when we pay close attention to them. And this is the beauty of macro photography. This genre of photography allows us to get close and see a bigger picture of the everyday world around us. And random things can either appear stunningly beautiful or surprisingly weird this way. Take for instance the following image that was taken by photographer Younis. Even something as simple as putting jute twine through a needle appears seriously interesting:

jute twine through a needle

“Jute Twine Through a Needle” by Younis (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

The image is of a 2mm piece of jute twine being passed through a needle with a 1mm opening. He took the image using a Canon M6 camera, and the lens at 48mm with a 26mm extension tube. And since the depth of field was so shallow, he had to focus stack 10 images, each taken at f/11 and ISO 100.

The level of detail in the needle surface and the twine is exquisite. Who knew that a needle that appears so smooth and shiny to our eyes could be this rough when viewed closely? Even more interesting is the twine. The individual strands of fiber that we can see in this image might appear fascinating to some and disgusting to others. And since the twine is thicker than the opening in the needle, we can see the fibers obstructing the path. This further adds to the sense of discomfort in the image.

This is indeed an impressive shot by the photographer. It really gives us some mixed feelings.

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