Interesting Photo of the Day: It’s All About Perspective

Finding the right perspective for each photo isn’t rocket science. It also isn’t a proven science or method. Rather, it depends on the photographer and the message they want to portray in their image. A straight on shot of a subject can be bland if there’s nothing to it. Instead, you can explore the different angles to view the subject. Should you be above or below your subject? To the left or right? Is the subject better off in direct view or obscured by another object? There are so many questions that you can ask yourself on how to improve the perspective of each photo:

viewpoint wide angle photography

“It’s All About Perspective” (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

These two images side-by-side, shared by iBleeedorange, show the power of perspective. The top image is visually appealing and interesting compared to the one below it. It shows not only a puddle, but also a vanishing point and reflection in the water. It gives depth and detail to the puddle, compared to the picture below it that shows only the wet pavement. Changing the perspective also affects the lighting, framing and color of the photo, so keep these in mind as well. Although it sounds like a lot to prepare for one single shot, practice makes perfect. Your perspective may be interesting to you but not to others, but that’s what makes it unique. It’s creative expression, and it’s in your control. Get out there and practice!

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