Interesting Photo of the Day: Infinite Tunnel of Books

It’s a book lover’s dream, or maybe a librarian’s nightmare. Look closely: it’s not a deep well made of bricks, but rather a bottomless pit…of books. But before you get a headache trying to figure out how somebody built that thing, rest assured it is actually the result of a clever bit of visual illusion. Housed in a library in Prague, the tunnel of books has mirrors at the top and bottom to give it the impression of extending endlessly into space.

infinite tunnel of books Prague

Infinite Tunnel of Books in Prague library (Click to See Full Size, Imgur)

The photo above presents a pretty seamless perspective — you can’t really tell where the mirror is; there’s so many books that it’s hard to detect where the visual repetition starts. To see how this installation actually works, check out the video below to take a look inside the tunnel for yourself:

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