Interesting Photo of the Day: Sci-Fi Landscape

Can you tell what planet this is? Photographer Stephane Vetter hopes you guessed Venus or Jupiter, but he, in fact, grabbed this eerie shot on Earth. The photos was taken from Iceland’s geothermal Hverir, a northeastern area rich with boiling mudpools and fumaroles (a.k.a. fumes rising from cracks in the Earth’s crust):

northern lights iceland

Fumaroles Blasting Before the Northern Lights (Via NASA. Click for larger size.)

It must have been a crisp night, because the ghostly green of the aurora borealis is lively in the background. Vetter calls this shot “Night on a Spooky Planet”, and he has expertly captured the essence of a truly foreign land with a long exposure, complete with hints of a green reflection in the water itself.

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