Interesting Photo of the Day: Hunting Dog in a Canoe

There’s a power and beauty like no other that exists in hunting dogs. Portrait and lifestyle photographer Andy Anderson explores hunting life on Pecan Island, Louisiana. See how this Labrador retriever sits still and alert in a canoe, waiting for the next catch:

man's best friend in canoe

Labrador Retriever on Pecan Island by Andy Anderson (Via Imgur)

“The best hunting dogs don’t just hunt with their noses. They understand terrain. They check in with their human counterpart to see if he knows something about where the birds might be hunkered down. They listen for hustling pheasants trying to make foot bail through the briars. Spend enough time with good hunting dogs, and you’ll see that they’re not just gifted with speed and heightened senses. They get cagey. They learn tricks and employ them. They learn to work smart and hard.” – Grayson Schaffer (Outside Online)

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  1. Walt Mateja says:

    Constantly in search of additional viewpoints in my compositions.

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