Interesting Photo of the Day: Golden Light Over the Rockies

In photography, you can’t stress enough how much of an important role lighting plays to make an image successful. This is the prime reason why many landscape photographers give priority to golden hour. But again, lighting alone is not always enough. A great image has to have several other factors complementing the light. Consider the following image that photographer Jay Moore took in Sprague lake, Colorado. You can see how all the elements mix so well together to create this fantastic image:

“Golden Light Over the Rockies” by Jay Moore (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

Undoubtedly, the sun kissed Hallett Peak is the center of attraction in the image. But, the entire environment that’s around it is no less magical. The early morning sunrise has given the sky an enchanted look as well. How the clouds reflect the golden light, creating color patches in the sky is simply breathtaking.

The Sprague lake in the foreground however seems to be in an opposite mood. The lake in its frozen state projects a rather calm mood but still manages to reflect some of the magical colors.

“The area was quiet and tranquil. And the only sounds interrupting that peaceful stillness was the unique and somewhat eerie noise of the ice moving and cracking below my feet.”

You must agree that the photograph looks no less than a painting with a beautiful color palette. What do you think?

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