Interesting Photo of the Day: Flaming Peak in the Canadian Rockies

Photographer Max Foster ventured into the cold Canadian Rockies in Alberta, Canada to discover this scenic mountainous landscape. Stumbling around on the snowy terrain looking for an ideal shot can be burdensome, but landscape photographers have drive and passion for enduring the elements in search of photos like these. Finding and arranging such photographs takes time, energy, and patience. You must be able to scout out locations and determine not only a visually striking background, but also a foreground that adds to the composition and allure of the image:

Canadian photographer landscape mountains long exposure

“Flaming Peak” by Max Foster (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size)

It’s clear from this photo that Foster was surrounded by a powdering of snow and ice. Add in the cloud movement and you can almost feel the wind nipping at your face and hands as you struggle to set up your equipment and get your settings just right. Even in subzero temperatures, Foster was able to find this spot to place his tripod for a 30-second exposure. The colors and lighting paid off while he waited for his camera to take this breathtaking view in. The movement of clouds are especially impressive in contrast to the bold stature of the mountain beneath them. They also create an appealing reflection in the foreground water in front of him.

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