Interesting Photo of the Day: Fields of Indian Paintbrush

The Eastern Sierra in California is well known for its scenery. Photographer Elliot Hawkey shot this beautiful image of Indian Paintbrush at sunrise while hiking in the region’s Ansel Adams Wilderness:

field of indian paintbrush at sunrise

“Fields of Indian Paintbrush at Sunrise” by Elliot Hawkey (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

Hawkey shot the image handheld at 24mm, f/6.3, 1/200 seconds, and ISO 800 with his Canon 6D body and Canon 24–70 2.8 Mark I lens. The Banner Peak in the background is seen wrapped by the morning light while the flower field is yet to be sun kissed. The way Hawkey has composed this shot by using the flowers to create a leading line toward the peaks is really interesting.

“…decided to head down to California on a spontaneous four day backpacking trip through the Ansel Adams Wilderness in the Eastern Sierras. Roughly 35 trail miles, more lakes than I could count on two hands, a weird case of heat exhaustion, hundreds of mosquito bites, and some of the most beautiful views I’ve seen to date. The wildflowers in the photo are called Indian Paintbrush, with Banner Peak towering in the background at 12,936 ft, and just at the end of the field are the gorgeous waters of Thousand Island Lake.”

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