Interesting Photo of the Day: Falling Earth

“We must take care of the world we live on.” That’s what Markus Reugels, a German micro-image and liquids photographer, said of this remarkable shot, in which he captured the whole world in a single drop of water:

map in a drop of water

(Via Imgur. Click image to see full size.)

The shot may look simple, but it’s the product of an intensely complex photo shoot. Reugels spends hours on a single shot, repeatedly shooting droplets to try and find the right balance. To some extent it’s luck, but that luck is only made possible because of his dedication to the craft. Consider his camera setup:

markus reugels photo

This is the setup for photographing a droplet of water that looks like a world globe.

And, as he explains on his Flickr page, balancing the light is the trickiest part:

“The light is very important for a good results. When you fire the flashes without any diffuser, you will get some very hard light reflex in the drops. These will destroy the picture. The goal is to bring depth with the light into the drop.”

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