Interesting Photo of the Day: Eye of the Waterfall

Photographer Jarred Decker captured this awesome shot of North Falls from inside a cave, making it look like a dragon’s eye. This particular waterfall is in Silver Falls State Park in Oregon. The falls are accessible from an easy hike close to Portland and are spectacular year round though are best in the spring:

waterfall and iris

“Eye of the Waterfall” by Jarred Decker (Via Imgur. Click image to see full size)

Decker took three shots and stitched them together to create the final image. He used a Canon 6D at 17mm and the following settings:

  • ISO 100
  • f/13
  • 0.8 seconds

Of his photography Decker writes,

“There are moments in my life that I find tremendously beautiful, and I take photographs to try and pass these moments along to others. If the viewer can get even a tiny portion of the joy that I get in my experience, then I feel I have accomplished something great.”

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