Interesting Photo of the Day: Exploding Star Wars Model Ships

Star Wars has been a sensation all over the globe, no doubt. Fans are so obsessed with the series that Star Wars model ships and characters still do not fail to amaze them. The following images from Plasticstarwars  look as if the model ships are really exploding, when in fact they’re not:

exploding model ships

“Exploding Model Ships” by Plasticstarwars (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

Plasticstarwars is a Star Wars collector and amateur model maker obsessed with Bandai and Deagostini Star Wars model kits. He created these realistic looking explosions just by using some cotton balls for the smoky effect, LEDs to mimic fire, and optical fibers to add a scattering effect to the explosion. While the materials used are very simple, the final product looks amazingly real!

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