Interesting Photo of the Day: Epic Sunrise at Diamond Beach

Watching the sunrise from a beach can be a surreal experience. You get to witness the beginning of a new day with a cool breeze and the sound of crashing waves to accompany you. And if you’re lucky, Mother Nature will bless you with a show that you’ll never forget. Something similar happened to photographer Albert Dros at Diamond Beach in Iceland:

sunrise in diamond beach iceland

“Epic Sunrise at the Diamond Beach, Iceland” by Albert Dros (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

Dros took this long exposure with a Sony A7RIV. He’s creatively used neutral colored elements in the foreground to draw the viewer to the vibrant sky.

Although neutral in color, the foreground is pretty interesting as far as action is concerned. The waves crashing against the icy formation have made for a dynamic and strong foreground. Thanks to the long exposure, Dros captured the trails left by the flowing water. These trails in the foreground work as leading lines to draw viewers into the crashing waves in the mid-ground and then to the magnificent sunrise in the background.

Looking at the image, you can confidently say that nature can get really dramatic sometimes.

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