Interesting Photo of the Day: The Dolphins of Na Pali Coast

Karma is real. Photographer Christopher Howard, whose colorful images bring out a vivaciousness in whatever he shoots, captured this image of a dolphin swimming along the Na Pali coast along the northern coast of Kauai more than a year ago:

dolphin off na pali coast

(Via Imgur. Click for larger image.)

When the photo was reposted online in February 2016, it naturally garnered praise, awe, and criticism for being Photoshopped. Finally in the social media spotlight, Howard got to set the record straight:

“This is my photo and I assure you it is very real :) I’ve tried to share this and others here on Reddit but never gained much momentum. I worked for Na Pali Catamaran on the Na Pali coast and always had my GoPro on board. Lots more can be seen on my Instagram @HIDrivePhoto. The photo taken .5 seconds after this one won GoPro’s photo of the day contest last October and won Islands Magazine’s annual photo contest. It was a lucky shot for sure, right place, right time. Thanks for sharing!”

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