Interesting Photo of the Day: A Dirty Puddle in NYC

Have you been thinking of ways to skew the perspective in your images lately? It isn’t always about positioning yourself to achieve a different viewpoint for your work. In this case, it’s a visually pleasing image that has taken advantage of its flipped vertical perspective. The change creates another story that ultimately becomes the first thing that viewers see. When it’s right side up, the audience sees the group of people walking and it loses some of its allure. By positioning the photo like this, the photographer made an easy adjustment and provided a much more interesting shot:

picture of NYC building reflected in puddle

“A Dirty Puddle in NYC” by decmcc (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

decmcc’s awesome photograph shows a different perspective on a common sight in New York City. A street bustling with people and activity is frozen for a split second and reflected in a puddle.

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