Interesting Photo of the Day: Diamonds in the Snow

If you have a creative eye, you don’t need lush green meadows or golden hour light to take wonderful landscape images. Even a cold moonlit night with snow covered trees can do magic. Well, that’s what we can deduce from the following image by photographer Jari Romppainen:

snow shining as diamonds at night

“Diamonds in the Snow Under Moonlight” by Jari Romppainen (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

The trees with their barren branches covered in thick snow give a hint of how harsh the winter has been. Even the blue color tone gives a sense of the cold weather conditions in the area. But the soft blanket of snow shining under the moonlight like diamonds, on the other hand, gives a magical feel to the place. And again, by using a slow shutter to show the movement of the clouds, Romppainen has added a dynamic feel to the moonlit sky.

Truly a spellbinding piece of work by the photographer.

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