Interesting Photo of the Day: Detailed Composite of the Moon

The moon is our closest outer-space neighbor, and this familiarity may be why we aren’t as amazed by it as we are with other celestial bodies . What seems like a simple white spherical mass has in fact many interesting stories to tell. All we need to do is have a closer look. And don’t worry if you’re lacking the right equipment. Astro-photographer Semeione took the following 56 panel mosaic of the moon so we can see some of the incredible details the moon exhibits:

“Detailed Composite of the Moon” by Semeione (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

Semeion took the image with the ZWO ASI120MC-S camera mounted on the GSO Newton 8″ f/5 telescope. He then mounted the camera and telescope combo on the SkyWatcher EQ5 Pro Go-To Synscan mount and took this spectacular image.

The level of detail that we can see opens up a whole new perspective of the moon. It’s not just a shiny white surface after all. The multiple craters that we see are reminiscence of its age and what it’s gone through throughout the years. Also you can see the surface varies in color. This is an indication of the surface’s difference in mineral composition.

Surely, the facts behind the details of the image are endless and fascinating. It’s photos like these that let you see the moon in a whole new light.

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