Interesting Photo of the Day: Deconstructed DSLR

Have you ever wondered what goes on inside of your camera? Taking a look inside and discovering just how high tech your DSLR is may come as a surprise:

disassembled dslr camera

“An entire DSLR camera, disassembled” (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

As film cameras have become increasingly out-of-date, more and more of the world’s most talented technicians have turned their attention toward making ultra efficient cameras. Though the model of this particular camera isn’t specified, nearly all modern DSLRs are composed of hundreds of small parts, working in perfect synchronization with one another. Although you may not recognize the majority of the pieces on this spread, each and every one of them plays a crucial part in making your camera everything that it is!

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2 responses to “Interesting Photo of the Day: Deconstructed DSLR”

  1. Gary Baird says:

    “An entire DSLR camera, disassembled” ~
    Please make this into a print suitable for framing. You might sell one or two.

  2. Craig W says:

    It’s a Sony. And it includes a disassembled lens. Even the lens cap is disassembled.

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