Interesting Photo of the Day: Daylight Stars

Mobile phone cameras have evolved to the point where the photos they produce are virtually indistinguishable from the starter DSLR camera I began working with a couple of years ago. Add to that the fact that the phone is always in your pocket, and you have a recipe for awesome shots. If you also have a photographer’s eye, there’s nothing holding you back from producing stunning, high quality photos on your cell phone. This photo proves this beyond a doubt:

inverted smartphone photo

Fort Myers, Florida (Via Imgur. Click image to see full size.)

The picture was taken by radicallymoderate in Fort Myers, Florida. After a rain, a puddle provided the perfect medium for a unique photo. Once flipped, the sky instantly started to look like a starlit sky.

What do you think? Does this speak more of our technology or of the photographer’s skills? Do you have a favorite cell phone shot?

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One response to “Interesting Photo of the Day: Daylight Stars”

  1. what phone used for “Daylight’ image?. The avg cellphone user does not have these fancy phones. I take photos on hikes using a DSLR and others use their cellphones and none of their images come anywhere near yours. The “camera” acc is just a convenience not a requisite for good photos. PS I live in SA where everything costs a fortuin. Kelvin

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